Home Dedications, Why We Do What We Do

Ms. Georgia and Ms. Boyd have been two homeowners whom I’ve had the honor of dedicating their homes. In the planning of the ceremonies and participating in them you quickly realize the importance of what Project Homecoming does, and the impact that you can have on someone else.

Ms. Georgia was the first of my dedications, after a few calls I finally got to meet this wonderful woman in person and I must say it was a joy. I don’t know how I’d feel welcoming someone I’ve only spoken to over the phone into my house, but Ms. Georgia was kind and glad to put a face to the voice. I was even able to get a hug or two from this lovely woman who was so happy not only to be home but to share the moment with our hardworking volunteers and staff all of which were just as excited for her to have a complete home again.

The following photos show the tender moments of kind company, preparing volunteers to present a gift, and the genuine caring for someone whom you’ve just met.

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It was a chilly November morning so a house warming blanket was an appropriate choice. Following was one of my favorite gifts to coordinate, where one of the individuals who organized and put in great work as a part of Project Homecoming on the house presents a welcome home placard and frame signed by Project Homecoming staff and volunteers. It is a great pleasure to reunite them once the home is complete.


And of course this photo serves as a reminder of how many volunteers and staff put in time, energy and devotion to rebuilding homes.


My second dedication was just as heartwarming.

Having only spoken to Ms. Boyd briefly a few days prior, she was still wonderfully welcoming. Not knowing who was ringing her doorbell, she quietly approached and with an introduction and her remembering my voice she then welcomed me in and we took the time to talk about her life and admire the home she had now moved back into. With many challenges in her past and some still present, she was incredibly optimistic and happy to have us join her that morning.

Boyd Dedication 2

Again, there is so much to be said about taking the time to honor the work and dedication to rebuilding a home and most importantly to supporting our neighbors who now can call their house a home again.

Boyd Dedication 3  Boyd Dedication

Boyd Dedication 6Boyd Dedication 5

– Victoria